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Rico's Final Exam

Release Year: 2011
Models: Beno, Michael Galletta, Rico
Genres: Big Dick, Cherry-Popping, Condom, Facials, First Times, Interracial
Video language: English

This is one of those scenes i honestly never thought i'd see happen! When rico first showed up for his solo audition nearly one year ago, he was just your typical pussy-chasing straight boy looking to make some quick cash by showing off his body and stroking his dick on camera. It took a lot of cash and convincing just to talk him into letting me touch his dick, and even then he refused to reciprocate in any way whatsoever! It's been a long and remarkable journey for rico since he took those first timid "baby steps" into "gay for pay" porn. We've watched rico let another guy suck his dick and eat his ass for the very first time. We've seen him try fucking a guy, then come back for more after realizing that a guy's ass feels even tighter than pussy! We've even witnessed two shocking and unforgettable "firsts" for the sexy straight stud when he finally agreed to put a dick in his mouth, then later tried taking fingers and dildos up his tight virgi! n butt! Now, almost a full year after his experimentation with gay sex first began, rico has finally agreed for the right price to give up his ass! If rico's action scenes up until now have been gradual "lessons" in his gay sex "education," then i guess you could say this latest encounter is his final exam! Watch as this broke straight boy resorts to doing just about everything he once swore he'd never do including kissing, sucking dick, and most shocking of all, getting fucked for the very first time by two guys in the same scene! Warning: this scene is not for the easily offended! This isn't the fake shit you'll see on most other sites, where the "straight" guy starts moaning and begging for more just seconds after supposedly being penetrated for the very first time! What you will witness in this scene are the spontaneous, unscripted reactions of a real straight guy being fucked in the ass for the very first time, reactions which might be dis! turbing to sensitive viewers! If the idea of "reality por! n" this raw and wicked offends you, don't watch it! If, on the other hand, you're turned on by the idea of watching a real-life straight guy reluctantly giving up his ass for the very first time, then this is a scene you don't want to miss! Beno and i sit on both sides of the anxious straight boy and i ask him to share his thoughts about the major step he's agreed to take in this scene. "i'm scared!" rico candidly admits, dabbing at his sweaty forehead with a paper towel. "i don't think i've ever been this nervous before!" Rico's anxiety and reluctance only arouses beno and me even more, and it's not long before we're both groping and tongue-kissing the sexy straight stud like two hungry vultures devouring their prey. It's especially hot seeing rico kiss beno for the very first time, knowing it's the first guy other than me that he's ever kissed! Beno tries to help rico relax by sucking on the beefy straight boy's nipples and treating him to a surpr! isingly enthusiastic and talented blowjob. It's hot as hell watching rico's huge uncut dick sliding in and out of beno's wet, sexy lips as beno's hard dick pitches an obvious tent in his shorts! Soon it's time for rico to return the favor when beno stands up, yanks down his shorts, and shoves his throbbing manhood in rico's face. It's a moment i've been waiting a long time to see rico sucking his very first black dick (and the only dick other than mine that he's put in his mouth)! Still holding the camera, i move in and tell rico to pull out my dick as well, then look down in disbelief as the embarrassed straight boy drops to his knees and takes turns slobbering on two dicks in the same scene! There's a generous amount of hot oral action as beno and i sit side by side on the couch, kissing each other while rico goes back and forth between sucking our dicks. At one point beno even leans over without any prompting from me and starts sucking my dick! "every white man's dr! eam!" beno jokes as i lean back and enjoy the attention. "two! niggas at once!" Beno and rico later drop to the floor for a hot "69," eagerly fucking each others' mouths while i stroke my dick and enjoy the show. After having our fun with rico's hot mouth, beno and i lead the nervous straight boy to the bedroom where we claim the real prize of the day rico's fresh virgin ass! I hand the camera over to beno so i can pick up where i left off in my previous encounter with rico and finally enjoy the long-anticipated privilege of being the first man lucky enough to get his dick up inside the straight boy's ass! First i spread rico's meaty ass-cheeks apart to proudly show off the pretty virgin hole that will be mine for the plucking just a couple minutes later. Then i push rico onto his back with his legs in the air and eagerly poke the head of my dick against his tightly-clenched asshole.... In all my years of "breaking in" straight virgin ass, i have never encountered an asshole as stubbornly resistant to being pe! netrated as rico's! It requires a lot of patience and perseverance before i'm finally able to push past the fiercely guarded gateway and plunder its forbidden depths for the very first time! Rico gasps and curses and groans as i sink my dick into that hot virgin ass and slowly begin thrusting in and out, savoring the incredible sensations of it tightly squeezing and stroking my dick. Beno gets some nice close-up shots of my dick sliding in and out of that beefy brown butt, gently fucking it for the very first time. After officially taking rico's virginity, i turn him over to beno to be "broken in" by a bigger black dick and this is where things start to get really interesting and surprisingly intense! Usually so cooperative and easygoing, rico reacts to the experience of being fucked for the very first time like a wild stallion who refuses to be tamed. He growls and curses and pounds his fists furiously into the bed, physically unable and⁄or psychologically to ! give up his ass to another man's dick without putting up a fight! If yo! u're looking for mutual and passionate "love-making," then this isn't the scene for you! This is man-on-man sex at its most primal and raw and intense, a battle of strength and power between two young men for sexual dominance! In fact, much of the action in this scene resembles something more like a wrestling match or prison , and might be disturbing to sensitive viewers! Beno gradually breaks down rico's pride and resistance and forces him to surrender that ass, refusing to give up until the humiliated straight boy is howling in pain and biting the pillow and hurling angry curses in every direction as his no-longer-virgin ass gets pounded like his girlfriend's pussy.... "i ain't gonna be able to walk right, cuz!" rico complains after barely surviving the intense "initiation" from beno. When rico simply can't take any more, beno and i kneel beside the visibly shell-shocked but now docile straight boy's face and make him take turns sucking our d! icks. Beno eventually busts a "nutt" right on rico's face, then smacks and smears his dick around in the mess! Later, i drench rico's face in more cum and then watch as he strokes out his own "nutt" with my warm, slimy cum still dripping down the side of his face! The scene concludes with a hilarious interview in which rico shares his honest and amusing reactions to being fucked for the very first time. "i just graduated to the college level!" rico jokes when i refer to the scene as his "final exam." Among other things, he says the experience has given him a new appreciation for the guys that he's fucked in his previous scenes. He also seems impatient to get paid and put the whole humiliating ordeal behind him. "i'm gonna go dive in some hot pussy....Quick!".
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Format: mp4
Duration: 1:32:46
Video: 848x480, AVC (H.264), 1269kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 950.1 MB

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